ExSIDE combines different scientific approaches for studying Expectation and Social Information Dynamics in Economics. This provides manifold options for the design of individual research as well as on non-academic careers and on founding own start-ups.


A consortium of 8 universities and 9 non-academic partners takes care of the overall training program within ExSIDE.


The ExSIDE project was selected by the European Commission in a very competitive process. Only the 9,2% best European Joint Doctorate applications were successful.


The ExSIDE network builds on long-term experiences of joint research work and joint supervision among the members of the consortium.

Building Structure

ExSIDE develops a structured doctoral training program jointly offered by a large number of European universites. It contributes to building unified strcutures for high level training of early stage researchers in Europe.



Latest Research Results by ExSIDE Members

ExSIDE Video

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Individual videos of ExSIDE ESRs can be found here.

TED Talk

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