The ExSIDE Training Approach…

  • Research stays of at least 12 months each at two different high-ranking European universities for each doctoral fellow.
  • Each doctoral fellow is jointly supervised by at least two accomplished researchers from these universities. Upon graduation each doctoral fellow is awarded a joint respectively double degree from the two degree granting universities.
  • Four one week network-wide ExSIDE Research Training Schools provide doctoral fellows with intensive training in key areas for the ExSIDE research agenda.
  • All doctoral fellows are members of the local graduate schools at their two degree granting universities, which all offer high level structured graduate programs in Economics and related subjects. They have the opportunity to choose from doctoral courses in a wide range of topics complementary to the focussed training agenda in ExSIDE as part of their curriculum.
  • Research seminars with international speakers give doctoral fellows a chance to interact with accomplished scientists in their area.
  • Doctoral fellows regularly present their research in the doctoral seminars of their two degree granting universities as well as at the annual ExSIDE jamborees.
  • Doctoral fellows are encouraged to participate in relevant international conferences and workshops and will have the possibility to organize an international ExSIDE Doctoral Workshop related to the research agenda of ExSIDE.
  • Several one day Transferable Skills Training Measures focus on skills like team working, communication, presentation and management and four Inter-Sectoral Training Measures prepare doctoral fellows for careers in the non-academic sector and also generate close links to that sector.
  • A stay at a non-academic partner is an integrative part of the training programme for each doctoral fellow.
  • Doctoral fellows receive professional support in establishing a personal Career Development Plan.
  • In Network-wide Policy Maker Meetings doctoral fellows gain insights about most urgent policy questions and the potential policy impact of their line of research
  • Special support for female doctoral fellows’ career perspectives, for example through regular meetings with accomplished female researchers to facilitate the exchange of specific experiences and the discussion of potential problems of female scientists.

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