It is our pleasure to warmly welcome two distinguished scholars who have accepted to be our keynote speakers at the International ExSIDE Doctoral Workshop. Their expertise encompasses, among other topics, heterogeneous expectations and learning in macroeconomics, and game-theoretic approaches to organizations and networks. We aim to congregate renowned scholars and students here to offer all participants an opportunity to meet both distinguished economists, discuss and exchange ideas about the most recent advancements in their fields.


George Evans

University of Oregon

Professor Evans obtained his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and currently holds a Chair of Economics at the University of Oregon. The spectrum of his research ranges from studying how learning under heterogeneous expectation reaches stability, to the convergence of adaptive learning in macroeconomics. His research has significantly contributed to the advancement of macroeconomics and economic policy analysis. Furthermore, his papers have been published in top journals such as the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Monetary Economics, The Review of Economic Studies, among others

Andrea Galeotti

London Business School

Professor Galeotti received his PhD from Tinbergen Institute-Erasmus University Rotterdam and holds a professorship at the London Business School since 2018. His research covers a broad domain of topics regarding network formation processes, game-theoretic approaches to microeconomics and industrial organization. Prof. Galeotti’s work has been published in top journals, including the American Economic Review, The Review of Economics Studies and the European Economic Review.


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